Videoscape Solution For LED TV,This Wallpaper TV Sticks To Your Wall Using Magnets

- Jul 03, 2017-

If you don't know about OLED yet, you've either been living under a rock, or you just aren't all that into TVs. But to get it out of the way, OLED TVs deliver incredible picture quality. Each pixel—all 8.3 million of them—light up independently of one another.

This means they can shut off independently of each other, and light up individually, too. They can hit intense color saturation levels, and even deliver super fast response times from "off" to "on," making them great for kung fu flicks and video games alike. But the primary boon is in sheer contrast: OLEDs create "true" shadows, emitting no light whatsoever.

I suspect the W7 is as good as our top-rated TV of 2016.

But beyond the W7's crazy stellar picture quality—which is on par with or better than our #1 rated TV of 2016—it's also just something of a design marvel.

All of this TV's "guts," if you will—its four HDMI inputs, three USB inputs, coaxial, opticsl, snd everything in between—are housed in a Dolby Atmos-capable 4.2-channel soundbar/mainboard piece separate from the TV.

The W7 only hangs on the wall, like a painting, locking into two upper keyhole segments in an easily mountable metal plate and magnetized at the lower corners, locking it into an impeccable mounted position. Everything "smart" and otherwise about this TV is offloaded to its included soundbar.

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